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L&A Social Media specialises in all areas of Social Media Management. Our expertise starts with social media strategy, straight through to content development, social media advertising, community management, analytics and much more!

Social Media Advertising

The key to social media success

Consistent social media management is crucial to growing your brand and business on and offline, in fact four-out-of-five Australians report that they are more likely to follow a brand that posts quality content that is relevant to them*. Good social media management is also extremely challenging to manage in-house as it requires strategy, social media skills, content development skills, advertising, and much more. Our team provides a wholistic approach to social media management so you can fully take social marketing off your plate while getting the results you want. Additionally, our ongoing trends and training sessions will ensure that while you are not managing your own social media, you are 100% in the know.

L&A social act as an extension of your team, we partner with you and get to know your business inside out, and then translate this knowledge into a social media management plan that gets you results. Our proprietary methodology of social media management ensures your brand succeeds on social, and that all of your social media activity drives business results.

Our team has a dedicated team for all areas of social media management, including strategy, advertising, community management, content development, analytics, influencers, campaigns, and more.

*L&A Social Media Census Results, January 2020

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How it works

We initially start with an in depth social media strategy session during which we delve into your business goals, content strategy, consumer audience, and competitors. From there we develop an in depth social media plan to hit your business goals. Once you are 100% happy with the plan, our team implements your social media plan, managing your end to end social. We report back with results weekly, monthly, and quarterly and have an open door policy at our office so you are always welcome to drop in for a chat, and to play with the L&A doggos!


Proven Results

We have partnered with 100’s of brands to create world class social media strategies to engage, inspire and achieve results!

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