The digital and social media world is ever-changing. A key component of this is the way consumers interact with your business. They can now easily communicate their experiences through continuous feedback on various digital platforms. And, when it comes to social media, brands have the opportunity to get intimate with their audiences. Enter social listening 👂

This invaluable tool can give you valuable insight into what your audience is saying and more importantly, how you can stay ahead of the conversation.

What does Social Listening enable?

Having the right social listening tool, such as Sprinklr, allows you to track the conversations around specific phrases, words, emojis, and terms relevant to your business. That is, it helps to understand how audiences are speaking about your brand on social media. Ultimately, it can also help you benchmark, use influencers and perfect the customer experience.

Why is it important?

As a business or brand, it gives you an insight into what social content ideas are popular with your audience. From top-performing Facebook/Instagram posts and stories to the ones that aren’t really resonating with your audience, it can help determine a winning formula. Or on the flip side, it can quickly reveal it’s time to try a new approach to maintain interest and engagement with your followers? Did we lose you yet? 😴

Who else can it monitor? Snoop? not, us 🤥

Social listening dashboards offer an insight into conversations that are trending in the social sphere, which means you can get on top of, and stand out amongst your competitors. It allows your business to understand how you are perceived against your direct and indirect competitors.

But how?

You can view your competitors’ social activity, what their popular content posts are and see where you can level up your posting and engagement game.

You’re also able to see where you stand in your industry. Do you offer the highest quality product/service to your consumers? Is your business offering the most cost savings? Social listening can help you identify where you currently perform well and what areas need improvement.

In summary

As the digital experience continues to level up, brand reputation is more important than ever. Social listening and reporting can help you identify and anticipate brand sentiment allowing you a more genuine interaction with your audiences. By understanding their needs, wants, and fears you can ensure you’re engaging positively with customers, creating the ultimate brand experience.

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