Clubhouse is an exclusive, invite-only, audio-based app now gaining traction on Australian shores (what’s not to love). To put it into simpler terms, the Clubhouse app acts like a live, interactive podcast, where you can listen and engage with streams of content from celebrities or knowledgeable individuals. The drop in audio chat isn’t recorded which places the importance of just being on and participating with the app. We’re all about being present.  But, should you include Clubhouse in your social media marketing?  

As it’s targeted to business audiences, much of the content is currently centred around tips and tricks from global thought leaders. However, as with any new platform, once it hits a larger audience base, we expect to see this further evolve and allow for a broader range of topics and speakers.

Clubhouse is nearing its one year birthday and already has 10m active users globally, so chances are it’s here to stay. The question is, is it right for your brand? Why not answer a question with another question, or rather 5. 

1.) Do you have educational/helpful content to share?

While Clubhouse is a great opportunity to grow a business, it’s important to remember the goal is to educate more than sell. With chat rooms covering a wide range of topics, Clubhouse offers incredible opportunities for engagement and connection however the content has to be interesting and offer an opinion. Clubhouse is an effective tool to transparently share and gain knowledge to support business and personal growth. So we ask you to ask yourself and your colleagues, what does the business want to share, spread, educate, help or discuss?

2) Are your consumers/communities already using Clubhouse?

Clubhouse provides an ability to network and develop insights from subject matter experts. The user base is a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, investors, entertainers and artists of all ages. Because of the informal setting, it is easy to ask and answer questions that lead to in-depth conversations (some lasting for hours). This gives you the chance to foster real relationships with consumers, investors and fans simply through conversation (no design hours needed). 

3) Do you want to build connections with leaders in your industry?

Imagine a conversation at a dinner table between Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, amazing right? That’s a conversation that a lot of people would like to be a fly on the wall in. Recently, Elon Musk jumped onto the platform and hosted an audio-chat to answer questions about Tesla and SpaceX, maxing out the app conversation rooms. While your business may not be as big as Tesla, Microsoft or Facebook, getting together with business peers will contribute to your knowledge and help you learn from other industry leaders. 

4) Do you have individuals in the business who can act as your voice?

Your voice can be anyone, including any ambassadors that you have on board (as long as they have something important to say). This creates third-party content which still communicates the education and thought leadership that is tied to your brand. So ask yourself, who from your company or from outside your company can be your voice?

5) Do you like organic reach?

This one speaks for itself. 

How did you go? If you answered 5/5 yes, then we recommend you finish up reading this blog post and start nudging your friends for their spare Clubhouse invites. No one can know for certain if the app will stick around long term but from our perspective it is shaking up a visually-dominated landscape with provocative content that will reach far beyond business topics. If you haven’t tried it, take this blog as an official L&A recommendation that you at least consider Clubhouse in your social media marketing strategy 😊

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