Social Commerce is a way of life for most of us today. According to the latest insights from Facebook and Instagram, people love to discover new products and brands on their social media feeds.  Here in our Sydney office, we’re no different.

L&A Social and PureProfile completed some analysis of the market in 2020 and found that 23% of consumers asked for the video to be accompanied by a link to purchase, making social media the perfect place to showcase the best a brand has to offer.

With the ease of in-feed advertising comes the opportunity to provide consumers with the latest products and trends.  We marketers can now meet our customers wherever they are and optimise discovery 🙌

5 top trends we are seeing, that could work for you

1. Conversational Commerce continues to rise.

Luxury brand Gucci adopted the use of virtual digital assistants when Covid first hit, allowing them to maintain an intimate relationship with their customer base. With platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, we can now build customer intimacy similar to the in-store customer experience.

2. Creators are at the helm of the modern shopping experience.

The adage, people buy from people is relevant here and with more and more marketers focusing their efforts in the influencer space, creators are the modern-day brand ambassadors.  From monetisation rewards for their content granted by the platforms, to adding product tags and stickers on their content; creators are being incentivised to help brands to drive purchases in-platform.  

3. Live shopping, popular in China and the US, is a huge opportunity for brands.

Consumers across platforms can tune into live events and purchase the items and limited edition pieces whilst they watch. It’s the perfect place to announce new products or unique collaborations. 

4. Facebook and Instagram Shops create a great in-platform experience.

Shops allow customers to shop the look without experiencing any delays from being redirected to a website. Best practices include making a customised storefront and adding taggable links (up to 5 products) to posts and videos. Oops…another pair of white sneakers just got added to cart! 🙃

5. Smart wearables have made it into the social sphere.

The recent collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook allows sunnies wearers to capture and upload imagery straight to their social feeds.  Smart products are definitely a tech trend to watch, as more brands seek to interact with consumers further. 

These are the things we see as opportunities for brands on social media today, but if you would like to learn more about how to make social commerce work for you, say hello to our team [email protected].

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