The times a’ changin’ and so is Instagram!

Last week Facebook continued to blend a Facebook / Instagram feature smoothie, rolling out the ability to post up to 10 images or videos in one post, similar to what Facebook’s Carousel has allowed for some time now. Say goodbye to the days of that one epic photo that sums up a night out and hello to minute by minute photo documentaries of the night as it happened as was demonstrated in Instagram’s the official launch video below!

Once you’ve updated your Instagram app, the ‘Select Multiple’ feature can be found in the bottom right corner of the preview window when you’re choosing a photo. From here you can simply choose up to 10 photos or videos from your camera roll and ‘Bob’s your carousel!’

Check out @Australia’s latest use of the feature!

It’s interesting to note that this carousel works as a single post, storing your thousands (no doubt) of Likes and Comments in one place, as well as the post being accompanied by a single set of copy and hashtags. Users can still tag friends or brands separately in each frame though. Fans will begin seeing more and more little blue dots at the bottom of the post that indicate that it’s time to swipe right to find the photo equivalent of the love of their life!

This feature opens up a ways to tell stories on Instagram including scrollable panoramas, step by step instructions (foodies I’m looking at you and your delicious organic deconstructed granola bowls) or for brands to use this in the same way that Carousel has been used on Facebook for the past year, highlighting a range of products and lifestyle images.

With Instagram marketing being the premiere place to tell visual stories, being able to do this through multiple images while keeping engagement in one place is an awesome feature for both marketers and frequent selfie photographers alike. How are you thinking of using it?

– Joff

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