29 - The Power of Community Management

What’s brand loyalty without amazing community management?

As modern marketers we have the gift of being able to have one-to-one daily conversations with our customers and customers-to-be! Community management on social media is something that was only dreamt about in times gone by, yet we still see brands ignoring this critical part of the social media journey.

Our community sits everywhere in our online and offline worlds. They’re a combination of current, potential and past customers, each needing attention, engagement and personal interests catered to, all aligning along their consumer journey.

At L&A good community management has three key elements to it: customer service, community listening, and being part of the conversation. Strategic community management can start small with intimate one on one’s but can lead to positive outcomes for the wider brand community.

So what are the key markers for a community management team to be aware of on a daily basis? Key tasks as we see them are: keeping track of your brand, being proactive, addressing consumer complaints with integrity and an authentic brand TOV, moderating difficult conversations, measuring and analysing your perception.

‘Engagement Reward’ is a two way street in community management. L&A’s community management team is fastidious about showing up with constant connection, and that means bringing that humanness and brand personification to everything we do. When community management addresses our customers and community diligently and regularly then all of our content marketing strategy finds a receptive audience.

To ensure impactful and effective community management across social media we recommend following the below guidelines. These can be implemented by anyone in the business responsible for social media and community management.

  • Ensure community management is using the business tone of voice, but customised to each individual response
  • Be responsive & timely across all communications – customers expect brands to be there and respond
  • Be an extension of the brands customer service team – ensure that community management plugs in with the customer service team
  • Monitor the community and listen for trends in the conversations to pass on to the greater business
  • Generate conversational comment threads – a lot of times brands respond only to complaints but the magic happens when you engage in conversations
  • This is an obvious one but…be polite and think of your customer experience!

Great social media strategy and amazing and effective community management are best when blended rather than served separately. We hope you find these tips helpful and our social media community management team is always here to help!