For the second year running, L&A have been the proud Social Media Partner for TEDxSydney. Not only does that mean we get to continually be inspired by speakers and performers on our screens, but we’re invited to join in on the action of the main TEDxSydney 2019 event, and boy, were we excited. 

Check out our TEN points on TEDxSydney 2019, where the theme for their 10 year anniversary was “Legacy”.

1. The HUB was filled with dynamic tribes and people excited to begin the day. We found ourselves wandering through the tribes and meeting new faces. Everyone is friendly and all there for the same reason – to be open minded and inspired!

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2. Let there be books! Can you believe there was a bookstore in the HUB? Publications from various speakers were included too, which made for a full-circle approach to their talk!

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3. Session 1 saw the first ever pre-recorded speaker at TEDxSydney with Behrouz Boochani a Kurdish journalist, writer, poet and filmmaker, speaking from Manus Island where he has been held in a detention centre since 2013. He told the story of living in exile for the last six years in one of the world’s worst prisons saying “We have been reduced to simple pictures, but we are human, we exist.” 

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4. We’re not going to lie, free meditation was our jam. We blocked out the noise for a moment in our morning tea break, digested the talks from Session 1, and prepared ourselves for the incredible Session 2 talks.

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5. In session 2, Dr Sharonne Zaks explained how assault and trauma are significant reasons people avoid the dentist. By creating an equal status with patients, dentists can provide support and guidance to avoid triggering patient trauma.

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6. This interpretive performance by Deep Sea Astronauts left us laughing and worried that our lunches in the HUB weren’t safe! 

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7. GIRLS TO THE FRONT! When you can make an entire crowd of people feel inspired enough to rise to their feet and scream, you know you’re doing something right. Yve Blake was a dream to watch and her talk on how a fan-girl shriek is a superpower, because, “They know how to love something without apology or fear.” 

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8. Do we need to elaborate on this image? Our afternoon tea break was filled with chatter on the last 3 sessions and incremental sips of Aperol Spritz goodness in the Partner Lounge. 

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9. We were enthralled watching Tom Nash speak about how coming close to death can be an “Educational experience.” It gave him increased resilience, an enhanced ability to problem solve and see the “Triviality of our own self-importance and self-consciousness.”

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10. TEDxSydney was in the most simplest terms, a vibe. We learnt, laughed, cried and conversed with like-minded humans and we can’t wait to return in 2020. 

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All in all, TEDxSydney is the fuel our mind was yearning for. We quenched our thirst for the knowledge of something new and experienced a collaborative space for innovative thinkers to share ideas and generate conversations. 

Watch this space for 2020.

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