In the last 12 months, we have seen a worldwide push for implementing more sustainable solutions and engaging with green initiatives in order to safeguard the planet for future generations. These concepts are particularly relevant and important to the core social media demographic; millennials. With everyday eco-products dominating the commerce sphere, consumers are now looking for more sustainable ways to live by implementing small changes into their day to day. By engaging with and demonstrating your brands’ interest in these issues, not only are you bettering our way of life for the future, you are also affording yourself the opportunity to align with your key demographic’s concerns thereby developing consumer trust and strengthening your brands’ reputation.

One of the key industry’s that are moving towards greener alternatives is beauty. With almost 50% of women now searching for natural skin care products, highlighting any natural components that your product or service may use is a key way to gain consumer interest and amplify the impact of your social voice.

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One of the biggest trending topics in 2019 was plastic straws. Waves of consumers have ditched plastic straws for more sustainable solutions such as paper, metal and bamboo products. This is in direct response to the extensive media coverage of the impact of plastic straws on the oceanic environment, specifically in relation to sea turtles. This movement was spurred by powerful imagery shared across social channels at a monumental rate causing businesses all over the world to change their practices. From bars with straw bans to cinemas replacing them with paper alternatives to stores including reusable options in their product ranging, all manner of industries were impacted by this social movement.

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In 2019, L&A implemented more sustainable practices to our office including a recycling program and even creating our very own L&Awesome keep cups! We also ran a week-long sustainability challenge that encouraged the office to consider the impact of their day to day lives from transport to plastic use and food consumption. This process really inspired everyone to lead more sustainable lives and opened our eyes to the multitude of simplistic ways we can alter habits that are detrimental to the environment.

By understanding and engaging with trending social topics, you are affording your brand the opportunity to be heard within the social space and become a thought leader. Aligning with key issues, such as sustainability, that have a direct impact on the way consumers live their day to day lives, you are amplifying your brands’ voice and ensuring that consumers see your business as leaders in innovation who genuinely care about its consumers.

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