Social media trends rarely stay the same from year-to-year – heck, they barely stay the same day-to-day. That’s the nature of the beast that is social media (…and what we secretly love about it!) Every quarter, we take a deep dive into the newest trends and updates on all the major social media platforms, pulling insights and using these to make the most out of our social media strategies. 

The last few months have seen Social Media become a key player in the Digital Marketing space. We’ve seen the need for a dynamic and agile strategy become the ultimate “must have” for businesses who want to stay connected and thriving, while leveraging consumer behaviour as it continues to evolve.

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With 45% of people now devoting extra time to social media, fans and consumers are looking to see brands provide thought leadership, deliver on their changing consumer needs and develop content that is

innovative and engaging.

So how can you ensure you’re leveraging these insights? First, you need to know how the platforms are measuring up to meet this demand and how they’re providing support and ways to deliver your content.

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Facebook and Instagram have given fans an added layer of connectivity, launching “Facebook Messenger Rooms ” for group events and “Instagram Live Broadcast Sharing” to amplify live streams after they’ve been


These updates have the capability to amplify content that historically is created in real time and lost due to platform capabilities. Now, you’re able to live stream content (think influencers or live cocktail making or styling) and then share this with your community for them to rewatch at any time!

This also gives you the opportunity to build up credibility with your audience on how your brand interacts with its audience and evolves your offering and content strategy. 

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Twitter has evolved their user experience through adding ALT text to images. This makes it easier to add text descriptions and give insight into the content, giving your audience more of an opportunity to understand and recognise imagery on a platform that has a quick consumption.

LinkedIn has ensured they are the frontrunners when it comes to employment promotion even recently launching a new series of playlists on Spotify to soundtrack to increase user’s professional development in various areas. This step is just one of LinkedIn’s initiatives that directly impacts its users, attracting more people to the platform now more than ever looking for thought leadership from the platform.

Tik Tok has become the “Creator’s Platform” with over 2 billion downloads in the month of May, adopted by Gen Z primarily (but enjoyed by all – for hours at a time if I do say so myself!)

With trends changing on this platform by the hour, it’s a mammoth opportunity to connect with fans in a younger demographic in ways that can push and evolve your social media strategy into utilising video or music – the sky’s the limit! Quick note: Alcohol brands are unable to play in the Tik Tok space yet, BUT we are always up for challenging ideas and looking for other ways to utilise the platform for all industries. 

We won’t talk your ear off too much here, why not reach out here to download the L&A Q1 2020 Social Media Trend Report here and see for yourself! As always, if you have any questions, drop us a line here – we’d love to have a virtual coffee with you and discuss all things social.

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