2011, what a glorious year. Taylor Swift joined Instagram, Rebecca Black taught us to get down on Friday and most importantly, Snapchat was born. For an app that originated from the original send nudes-dude and a dream that images could be sent and then instantly disappear – (sorry to crush your dreams, but Snapchat wasn’t intended to be about puppy filters and face swaps) the app has come a long way.

Arguably (totally not arguably), the best thing about Snapchat is the filters. Hands up if you’ve spent way too long transforming your face into a spinning toilet or participating in a hideous face swap.

Well, consider your life made, because we’re about to show you how you can create your own personalised, custom made Snapchat filter for your next big event, occasion or just ‘cause you know it will impress your friends (cue uncontainable excitement).

Promote your brand, showcase your event, create a ‘[your name] is the best filter, go crazy! (but only within the guidelines Snapchat has created) so uhh, reign it in a little bit would you.

Whatever you choose to do, Snapchat makes it super easy for you to have a completely customised, geo-located and share-worthy filter, but in case you get stuck- we’ve laid out just how to perfectthe process (like Beyonce-kinda perfect).

Go to snapchat.com and click on On-Demand Geofilters. You can use one you have designed yourself in advance or just create one via the website. Go bananas!

You then choose the date and the hours you want it to be active.



Finally, just choose the area in which you want to be able to use it and ta-daa, your event just became a million times more shareable! If you would want to play around with the hours here, you can. Just know that the longer you want to use it, the more expensive it becomes. But as you can see it’s pretty cheap to use it for a few hours so there’s no excuse not to upgrade that party from Jenny from the block to Vegas J.Lo. Just pay and party!