Life at L&A

We pride ourselves on being a great place to work, and a great team to work with!

We spend half of our waking lives working and at L&A we feel extremely passionate about ensuring that those hours are filled with learning, exploration, play, and exponential growth.

Our mission is to continually leave things better than we find them through connection; this applies to our team, our clients, and the positive impact both of these groups make throughout our greater community.

At L&A we provide initiatives & opportunities for a well-rounded, holistic approach to work & life. We live and breathe our values, and focus on initiatives that will leave a lasting positive impact on those around us.

Our Key Pillars
Our Mission
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There are several key pillars to life at L&A.

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L&A Thrive

L&A Thrive, our professional and personal development program, was created to ensure our team gains holistic education and a broad range of always-on benefits.

Setting ourselves up for success is not just about the bullet points in our job descriptions, it’s also about expanding our understanding to grow both within and beyond our roles. We have quarterly education sessions with industry-leading experts that tackle topics ranging from TikTok to financial wellness to setting ourselves up for work from home success! We also offer a mental health subsidy, birthday time off, a discount with Apple, and take on board additional recommendations from our team on topics we want to learn more about.

Radical Transparency

Radical transparency is the business ethos that we follow. This means we plan all of our business goals as a team each year and collaboratively work toward those goals together!

Our yearly retreats give us the opportunity to reflect and plan as a team while giving every single one of us the ability to have a hand in what L&A looks like. We laugh together, push each other, and enter the new year together, fully aligned. Our retreat translates to an annual theme, quarterly focuses, aligned goals, and strategic initiatives that we tackle as a team.

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Friday Thanks

Friday Thanks has been a part of our culture for over 7 years and is a huge point of connection for all of us.

Our best known and most loved tradition, starting out when we were just 4 people, Thanks is a way to celebrate our week as we come together as a team. Today, it has evolved into a meaningful end of week way to gather together and acknowledge each other. We know small accomplishments and achievements lead to big wins so when we take the time to stop & celebrate them, while sharing a good number of laughs, we end the week another step forward!

L&A Philanthropy

L&A Philanthropy is how we ensure we are giving back to our community on an ongoing basis, each quarter choosing a new non-profit to support and partner with.

We are passionate about leaving things better than we find them and committed to making a positive impact on the world around us. We choose areas we want to impact most including mental health, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability, then align our charity partner with that area. We donate time, skills, fundraising, goods – anything our partner needs most, we work with them to provide as a team!

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Committed to Flexibility

At L&A, we have a commitment to flexibility; we’re all adults here (well most of the time anyway) and with radical transparency comes the ability to work best when and where you work best.

By committing to a flexible work environment we have autonomy in our environment and can set ourselves up for success. This extends far beyond working from home for us; it provides freedom for that sunrise photoshoot, the nighttime product launch, and the on-location meeting. By maintaining flexibility, we are always working as our best selves, every day!

Guided by our values and mission

Finally, all of our initiatives are guided by our values and mission, these are at the forefront of every decision we make.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a positive impact on the world around us by connecting people, brands & innovation, and always leaving things better than we find them! To do this, we live and breathe our five company values, intertwining them in everything we do:

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We have a Bias Toward Action

In agency life, we know it is critical to have a bias toward action. We think quick and are creative problem solvers, always leaning in.

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We are L&Awesome

We don’t just show up to work, we also show up for each other. We support our team and bring our best selves to work, every day.

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We Get Intimate

Our value discipline is customer intimacy and we know our clients businesses inside out. We understand what they need, align with who they are, and deliver the long wow.

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We Stay Curious

If we’re not innovating, we’re not growing, so we are always looking for the most creative and forward-thinking way to do what we do.

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We have a Growth Mindset

We know you can’t be living in your comfort zone if you want to grow. We embrace the challenge of change and the opportunity that comes with it.

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