Our values are what define us, they help us make important decisions in life, and align with others who share our values. Both as individuals and businesses we make hundreds of decisions a day, our values help us fast track those decisions and ensure the decisions we make, are leading us to create the future we want to experience. In our case at L&A, our values help us make decisions that help us reach our purpose and mission, which is to positively impact the world by connecting people brand & innovation, and creating a place to work where people can grow, thrive, and come into work loving what they do each day!

Recently, L&A was lucky enough to be a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards in the Medium and Making Waves category, an award which looks at not only the business acumen of entrants but also the vision and values of the company and how engrained they are in the day-to-day.

Since our inception L&A has always been extremely values and purpose-driven, this is a huge part of who we are and how we roll. It means that when someone joins the L&A family, whether it is a team member, customer, contractor, or intern we are aligned in our values and mission.

Over the next few months, we will be writing a piece on each of the values that together make L&A, L&Awesome.

The first value and the one we hold dearest to our heart is L&Awesome. What is L&Awesome? L&Awesome is a term we coined at our first retreat 4 years ago, and it represents what being an awesome human at L&A encompasses.

What is being L&Awesome?!

We’re the person you want to work with, we bring our (L&)A-Game every day and push our own limits! We create work we are proud of, full of passion and innovation. We support each other and are thankful and respectful as well as always transparent and honest, this is a no-ego workplace. We own up to mistakes and are comfortable asking for help. We are kind and open to feedback, we all want to see each other grow and become the best humans possible. Enthusiasm is contagious, bring the vibe you want every day!

We bring the vibe

We have a great attitude

We are fun to be around and have a good sense of humour

We have each other’s backs

We are a family with high standards

We bring positive energy into the office each morning

We are open and honest with feedback and do not take feedback personally – we challenge one another to be the absolute best we can be

We only speak about an issue to the person who can solve it (we never gossip or discuss things frivolously)

Keep an eye out for our next value, Bias Toward Action, coming over the next few weeks!

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Gina is the heart and soul of L&A with a passion for her work and an adventurous spirit. She can’t get enough of her amazing team and working collaboratively to build a social media empire is what gets her out of bed in the morning!