In celebration of International Women’s Day we interviewed four professional women working in the digital world to gain their perspective on what inspires them and what business advice they have for others. Read on to view Renee’s perspective.

Renee Gangemi - Key Lessons in Event Management from Renee Gangemi

Renee Gangemi, Head of Marketing at TEDxSydney and Director of The Marketing Equation, shares her event management expertise from an extensive career that has seen her work in high profile marketing roles for companies like Preezee, The Pacific Magazines and News Corp Australia. With over ten years experience she knows the impact a well managed team and good organisation has on the success of an event.

What is crucial to making a successful event?

The key thing for an awesome event in my opinion is looking at it from a holistic approach, that starts off with building a good brand around the event, ensuring that the market/industry isn’t too cluttered and communication that the attendees will have a unique experience. Then there is the event itself of which it is all about organisation, contingency plans, run sheets, talent practices, theme of the space, the venue, the food, the project timelines and lots of spreadsheets (sooo fun).

The one thing I often talk to my teams and the talent about is the vibe on the actual day. If the team is stressed, the talent on stage is stressed and the audience picks up on this immediately, so whatever happens on the day just go with it, act cool and as they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?

Everything works out in the end! I think at whatever life stage we are at we all have moments of panic either at school, uni or work and in a moment of what we think is a crisis, we just need to step outside of the problem/issue and take a look at it for what it is. Most of the time we don’t have a saber-tooth tiger chasing us and everything will be ok.

What would you say is key to establishing a good network?

Throughout my career I have met many interesting, smart, creative and fun people that I want to be surrounded by because I love their point of view, how they problem solve or because they are inspiring. Whenever I see these amazing qualities in people, I make the time to get to know them better and create that stronger connection which then often results in a number of ways such as being able to collaborate on a project, referring work, learning from them or just becoming amazing friends which has happened many times over.

“My advice is always be open to new opportunities where you might meet new people or learn new things.”

Is there a woman who has inspired you along your career?

Oh, I always find this one, a tricky one, as there are elements of different women that I draw inspiration from. Sam Mostyn has always been a secret girl crush, she is a Non Executive Chair & Director across corporate, climate change, sport, arts, international development sectors & a sustainability adviser (really!!) such a diverse range of industry experience and one of those lovely people as well! I have also seen Lucy Turnbull give a number of talks previously and again a massive overachiever. Both of these women are involved in a range of ideas, industries, businesses (both for profit and non profit) and demonstrate that you don’t have to make one single choice in life or in your career and just stick with that, they both get involved in what they are passionate about and that is their primary driver.

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