To many it came as a shock when Instagram first released its Stories feature… “How dare they blatantly copy our beloved Snapchat?!” we all said.
However, in the words of Steve Jobs, “Good artists copy; great artists steal” and Steve Jobs was always ​right… right?
​I​n only a couple of months Instagram Stories ​flew past Snapchat, claiming 200 million daily users on their Stories feature and flying right ​past Snapchat’s own official count of 158 million.
​Instagram Stories continue to grow rapidly as they release ​features similar to Snapchat’s, such as disappearing messages and geotags for cities such as Tokyo, London and Madrid.

This may seem unfair, but it is also beneficial (to us advertisers, that is!).  It forces Snapchat into a game of “Catch me if you can, Instagram!” causing our social landscape to advance and forcing Snapchat to differentiate – which is exactly what they are doing…

The company has just released Snap to Store, a new ad product that can track foot-traffic in relation to their advertisements. At the moment, it has been tested by corporate giants such as Paramount Pictures and 7-Eleven. The new feature gives insight into the number of users who go in-store within one week of seeing a sponsored geofilters and may soon provide advertisers with a dashboard filled with valuable data such as demographic information like age, gender and region.

Recently, Wendy’s used sponsored geofilters to promote a jalapeño chicken sandwich and according to Snap, the ads resulted in more than 42,000 people visiting a restaurant within the seven-day period!

So​, with all of this constant change,​we’re not asking which platform will come out on top, but how many valuable insights will we gain on the way?!

Want to know how your brand can leverage Instagram stories to drive brand awareness, sales and more? Keep an eye out for our next post coming up next week!
*Information sourced from Ad Week, here & here.