Stepping outside of our L&A studios, we completed an interstate shoot with our wonderful freelancer in Queensland and thought we’d share some of our key learnings and some tips for success.

But first, why would we recommend interstate shoots?

  • Access to wonderful locations and settings. We have a beautifully diverse land, so why not show it off and put a new spin on your brand to keep your audience engaged.
  • COVID-19 restrictions in some states can create delays. Shoot elsewhere and still keep your campaign momentum.
  • Build a network. You can build relationships with influencers and peers in the industry from different parts of your country.
  • Develop client intimacy. Plan a shoot where your client is located to bring the experience to them.
  • Accessibility. Certain products may only be accessible in certain states and this can simplify logistics.

Ok, so let’s get into it. How do you bring an interstate shoot to life?

Creative selection is key.

When organising for an interstate shoot, our top priority is to ensure we hire staff with trustworthy reviews – ask for previous content they’ve produced, get to know them, see if they’re flexible, and most importantly, ask yourself “Do they fit the brief?”

Set the scene.

Look at function spaces used for weddings and events to guarantee yourself a picture-perfect space.

Check local permits.

Abiding by local restrictions is an important step to ensuring you can legally shoot and don’t get stuck in any sticky situations. Remember to check with the state’s local council, as the laws in each state are different.

Access all areas.

Keep the locations to a minimum, and aim for a central point that shoot attendees can easily get to. Utilise your creatives knowledge of the local market and work with them to source talent.

Dress that set.

Keep props to a minimum, and hire a freelancer assistant to source locally or purchase online ahead of time and deliver to set.

Capture multiple deliverables.

Interstate shoots do require a lot of planning – so why not plan for your future self too? Negotiating to film more deliverables within your interstate shoot will make your future self forever grateful🙏 Not only does this make full use of the beautiful location you’re shooting at, it also allows you to tell an ongoing story through your content to your followers – and we all know how important engagement is in this competitive industry.

So there you have it, some simple hints and tips to help you shoot interstate. We know this can seem daunting at times so if you’re in need of some help, drop us a line [email protected] and we can help you bring your campaigns to life.