It can be challenging to stay on top of consistent social media posting, especially in the time-poor world we live in. Not to worry! Organising content across all social channels is a part of our everyday. Listed below are our top three most important strategies in how to organise your socials in 2022.



Begin by outlining the tone of voice, target audience, number of posts per week, and the core points you want to focus on.

Let’s say you’re a service-based brand that specialises in vehicle servicing. We can pull out the USP of the business to help form the tone of voice and core points. The USP of your vehicle servicing business is:

  • Your tone of voice is professional to match the high-quality service
  • Consistency is important as it helps to instill confidence and comfortability with your customers
  • Your team are highly skilled in vehicle servicing and are very friendly

This can then be turned into the weekly posting schedule:

  • Post 2 times a week across all social media channels for consistency
  • Take a professional tone, where your highly skilled mechanics explain the scope of work for customers
  • Feature your team behind the scenes to bring their friendly personality out

Once you identify what you want to post and how often you can better plan your weeks and months to capture content to post on your social channels. The consistency of posting not only in the quality of posts but what they’re saying helps to grow your brand online.



Looking at the month, quarter, or even year ahead, brands can stay on top of their posting, ensuring all important dates are covered and enough content is prepared ahead of time. Planning 2-4 weeks ahead helps to remove the anxiety of “what to post” on the day or the week that the content needs to go live.

There are plenty of Apps that can help to schedule content and even post the content for you. However, there’s nothing wrong with an excel spreadsheet with a few simple columns to help you get organised. CAN WE DO A DOWNLOAD THAT HELPS TO BUILD OUR EMAIL LIST?

Are you also looking to advertise a product or service this year? Think about what video or imagery you need to help promote and by when. Does this campaign surround a social media trend or holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, or school holidays? Note this ahead of time so you can work back from these key dates to give yourself enough time to plan and capture great content.


There are a wide variety of third-party content scheduling platforms available for free or purchase on a recurring fee, depending on your business’ size and needs. Facebook Creator Studio is a free option, available for use within Facebook, and allows you to post on Instagram too! For brands with a larger social presence, Buffer, Hootsuite, or Later offer capabilities for scheduling on many more platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.


So there you have it, our top 3 strategies for how to organise your socials in 2022. We know it can seem challenging at times to stay on top of your regular posting, so if you’re in need of some advice, drop us a line at [email protected]