This month, we celebrate LGBT history month here in Australia.  Or, as we like to refer to it here at L&A, LGTBQIA+ history month. 

We have come a long way in advertising since this celebratory month was founded. That said, we believe that there’s still plenty of work to be done to ensure we are fully committing to diverse and inclusive social media content on a broad scale.

So what is LGBTQIA+ History Month?

First introduced in 1994 by Missouri high school history teacher, Rodney Wilson, to commemorate the first marches for LGBT rights. Today, LGBTIQA+ History Month provides role models, builds community, and celebrates the contributions of the LGBTIQA+ community.

How can we celebrate?

To celebrate, our L&Awesome team has compiled some thought starters on how to create inclusive social media content, to help you connect with the queer community.  Read on for some ways to join the conversation.

1. Is this brief speaking authentically to a broad audience?

Understanding your audience will enable you to provide them the opportunity to be represented fully across all social media platforms.  During pride months, it’s easy to create content that just involves adding on a rainbow flag. However, there is much more to the LGBTQIA+ community! Ensuring your content comes from an informed place, and features the broad spectrum of the queer community is a great way to speak authentically to your audience.

2. Are your ambassadors a reflection of the audience you’re talking to?

TikTok has seen a rise in the celebration of the queer community with an array of ambassadors to help audiences connect authentically on their triumphs and tribulations.  Social listening is key here, this great tool helps you engage ambassadors who are true to the community.   Ultimately, driving authentic conversations with your audience.

3. Are you on point?

Whilst it’s great you want to talk authentically, it’s important to not stereotype and typecast your talent.  When reaching out to creators, be sure to consult with the representative from the LGBTQIA+ community.

These are just some of the things we can do on our part to help ensure today’s community can look back on the social media history of the 2020s and see content that reflects them. After all, celebrating community is a key part of what makes social media so great. 

Our one hope this LGBTQIA+ history month is that this blog will help empower more brands and businesses to participate in the conversation. 

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