Love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

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I have always thought this was a quaint saying just to make students feel better as they start their job search – until I began working for L&A Social Media.

Hello there, my name is Megan and I am one of the L&A interns for the winter. I am student at Boston Uni (which is in the northern hemisphere, so this is actually my summer) and I am in Sydney with a school program, a program that includes an internship placement. Months ago, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire for my internship to figure out where my advisor could place me. At uni, I study mathematics and computer science, and I particularly enjoy the crossover between statistics and computer science. This crossover defines a field called “data science” – which is essentially the process of looking through large collections of data and finding patterns – and I am interested in the applications of data science in social media. I explained my interest in social media on my questionnaire, and I was then lucky enough to be placed at L&A Social Media.

After my first week at L&A, my internship advisor asked me to email her 5 words to describe my internship experience so far. I have never had as much fun at “work” as I have at L&A, because it never feels like work, so I was thrilled to have the chance to express my excitement to my advisor. Here are my 5 words, which can really only scratch the surface of my experience so far:


Everyone that works at L&A is young, outrageously beautiful, and full of life. They are all friends, so they laugh and chat throughout the day. There is also constant background music playing in the office, which keeps the mood light.

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From the first moment that I walked in the door, everyone in the office made an effort to include me in their daily tasks. They did not just stick me in a corner to keep me out of the way, they wanted to show me the company and make me a part of the team. The open floor plan of the office allows everyone to engage with each other as well. The office is one big room with long tables set up with dual-screen desktops for each team member, meaning the office is a community, not a series of individuals.

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Everyone in the office already treats me like a close friend. Somehow, every single person in this office is the ideal mixture of gregarious and inclusive. They include me in office jokes and are always there to help when I do not understand something.

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There has not been a moment where I am sitting at my desk with nothing to do; L&A capitalizes on their interns. I am always helping with photoshoots or cleaning the office or doing research, but it never really feels like work, because it is all new and interesting.

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I have never before been exposed to the back end of social media content creation. Everything that L&A does is entirely new to me, and it is fascinating. Every day I have been asked to help on a photo shoot, and I have gotten to learn about the creative process of photography. I have also gotten a few analytics assignments, the exact work I hope to be doing in the future, and I have gotten to learn about social media analytics and how to use Facebook Business Manager. I have never gotten to rest on my laurels, I am always on my toes ready to face the next new assignment.

My internship advisor also asked me to give my internship a score out of 10. As I emailed my advisor, giving L&A a score was the easiest and most obvious part of my week: 10 out of 10.

Here’s to more fun, more content marketing strategy, more content creation, and more learning.



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