With over 500 million users, Instagram has become a vital tool for brands to establish a strong brand identity in a way that directly communicates with consumers.

However, getting it right is harder than it looks.

You know the profiles, the ones that make your life feel slightly inadequate, the ones that have been so carefully mapped out they deserve a spot in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

That’s the feeling a strong Instagram aesthetic can achieve for your brand.

When a user clicks onto your page they should instantly understand what your product or service is and most importantly, be inspired to connect with it. It’s important to ensure each post is strategically placed and works in unison to deliver the larger marketing goals of your brand. While we recommend having a mix of content throughout your feed- don’t forget to be consistent with your messaging and ensure all the pieces of your content aesthetic are working to build your brand narrative (yes, those palm tree regrams should have a purpose!).

Choosing an Instagram aesthetic means ensuring each photo fits the brand personality of your profile. Whether this means staying monochromatic or having a feed that looks like a unicorn vomited rainbow sprinkles and confetti all over your page. Whatever you choose (please, just pick one!) an Instagram aesthetic supplies a commonality throughout all of your posts which makes it worthy of another follow and ensures every post is in line with your brand proposition.

Upload photos that you would want to double tap and you’re already half way there! Follow these easy steps and you too, can experience the power of a perfectly curated Instagram feed.

  1. Use consistent filters or editing process

Using the same colour palette or editing filters on each Instagram posts can give you that much sought-after quality of consistency throughout your feed. By editing all of your photos the same way, the whole feed will be cohesive!


  1. Take your time

Don’t just post randomly! If you want a cohesive feed, plan ahead and think about every post. If you can’t decide whether a photo works, or you just can’t edit it in a way that you like, just let it go. Chances are, if you try too hard to make a photo work, if probably doesn’t. There will always be another cool shot to upload!

  1. Variety

The loveliest feeds have a good variety of subjects that are evenly spaced out. If you just uploaded a beautiful photo of a sunset, don’t do the same the next day. Evenly distribute content and alternate product images, lifestyle posts, and epic regrams. Balance is important in everything you do! Plus, it means your followers won’t get bored- unless your posting photos of doughnuts, nobody ever gets bored of doughnuts.


  1. Have fun and express yourself

It’s fun to find your personal brand and broadcast it to your followers. Your photos are your way to exhibit what you love and what you feel passionate about. So, have fun and be creative—your Instagram is YOURS, let it reflect elements of YOU.