The digital landscape has changed drastically throughout the COVID-19 era, but we’ve seen a surge in areas of e-comm behaviors and connectivity like we’ve never seen before! We’ve pulled together the top three areas of digital that have risen in popularity that will give you insights and recommendations on how to add value to your online community during this time.

E-comm and online shopping.

We have seen a 21% increase in online grocery shopping in millenials, and more notably, a 45% increase in online FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) purchasing. With a clear focus on essentials being food/grocery products, household essentials and personal care products, it’s no wonder that you’re now finding yourself baking banana bread with tapioca flour 🙄.

During this uncertain time, consumer shopping behaviour will continue to shift to meet the needs of people spending more time home, and we are strongly recommending that brands do not go quiet during this time. Instead, think about pivoting your business strategy to push inventory, align with relevant and simple messaging and look to target new customers with offers in a B2C space while nurturing your loyal ones. It’s as simple as aligning to some of the fastest growing categories in the e-comm space like fitness equipment, tech or even craft kits (to name a few!) and sustaining a front-of-mind presence in the digital landscape with what you can offer your community now that will add value to their situation.

New ways to connect.

The word “connection” sounds like a dirty word right about now; but what if we said that globally, we’ve seen 70% more people are participating in group video calls, and time in group video calls has doubled globally, week-over-week. That’s some SERIOUS virtual connectivity 📲.

People are not only hungry for information, but wanting to share good news stories and support one another through this time. We’re spending 44% more time on our mobiles, and even finding ways to be a part of Live Streams with our favourite artists and musicians; which makes us think the $1000 collective spend on a Splendour in the Grass weekend is maybe a little bit pricey.

Overall, we’re consuming 16% more on Facebook and 12% more on Instagram, and it doesn’t take a math whiz to work out that businesses need to stay active to ensure they are relevant, topical and front of mind on each platform and using innovative executions and at each stage of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Optimism and better ways of living.

“Hey Siri, play ‘Physical’ by Dua Lipa” 🕺

In some of the doom and gloom that we are inevitably consuming as we scroll through our feeds, what we’re actually finding is an increased level of optimism and a push for positive change.

We’re seeing 44% more Australians working out more on home fitness platforms, 21% spending more time cooking meals and 14% reading more books during self isolation. 

There are huge opportunities for businesses to incorporate elements of these positive changes in their service or product offering. When you’ve got most of the world with access to your content, why wouldn’t you re-adjust your execution? Think about the ways you can make your community feel involved, give them longer form articles to absorb and consider and invest time in creating meaningful pieces of content that keep their mental and physical health front of mind.  

Any questions? We’ve got you! If your mind is running 100 kilometres an hour, we’re always happy to help you strategise and execute a plan.. Get in touch with us and when this is all over, we’ll eat ice cream together in our office and reminisce on the time we bought a K-mart exercise bike for $89 during COVID-19.

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Kristy is a compassionate, fearless team lead, obsessed with the art of baking. With experience in fashion and interior design, she loves the ocean and will never say no to a good bowl of pasta.