Ever wondered what a day in the life of an L&A photographer/content creator looks like? Well wonder no more!

From the outside, It looks a lot like chaos but it’s always the fun and exciting kind of craziness. Managing multiple accounts can be a little overwhelming but you get the hang of it after a while (plus who doesn’t like getting paid to take pretty pictures, right?!) It may look simple and easy but from the inside we’re working with a mixture of brainstorming, strategy and planning. So saying we can multitask is pretty much an understatement. We have all mastered that pretty well! Now it’s pretty much about how much can we fit into one day, which the day mostly escapes us all. The amount of times I hear one of us say woooow it’s 3pm already?! See??!!! The perks of doing what you love? ;)

Wanna see how the magic happens? Keep reading…



When you create content for clients on a on going basis, it’s important for you to brainstorm ideas, so you’re constantly improving on your last round of Facebook and Instagram posts. We love talking through our ideas with the team, that way, we know we’re pushing boundaries. Receiving feed back from our last content round, only helps us improve. Constructive criticism and input from others is actually SUPER helpful! Never close yourself off from others when they’re offering you feedback and ideas. Honestly the more the better… right?!! This also helps when you’re creating content so you’re constantly improving your skill and techniques. It’s also a great way to talk through your ideas so you know why your creating that particular post, rather than just shooting blind.

Look at what worked last month, produce those beautiful inspirational mood boards and exceed your own expectations when it come to creating content! It’s all worth it and it also shows you care about your work and your clients!


Plan and Prep

There are so many talented people out there! Use those talents to gain inspiration and kill it out there on your shoot days! Create a mood board and a detailed shot list so you get as much prep in as possible and don’t get too offtrack so you’re not just shooting willy-nilly. Get those props organised in advanced, invasion the image and shot as many angles as possible.


(Images by Margaret_zhang and secretsquirrelfood)

A beautiful deception

With the perfect lighting comes the perfect illusion. I love how you can set up a small area and with the right lighting and props you can create pretty much anything! Get to know your camera and how to create the illusion of a space and you can pretty much do anything.


Be picky!

Now my favourite part, the editing process. Now that you have brainstormed and strategised your shot, planned, prepped and shot it all, it all comes down to that final image.

I’m a perfectionist from the preparation stage all the way through to my editing process. I make sure there’s no trace of a scratch on the surface I shoot on and anything that slips through gets cleaned up when I edit.

You are your work! So be proud of it!

Everyone has their own uniques editing/ shooting style, it’s always interesting and exciting seeing other talented photographers and designers at work doing their thing and seeing the end results. Working with other clever creatives is the best part of them all.


Have Fun!

When you have so many different clients to shoot for, whether its food, alcohol or fashion you can plan and produce all your content with the simple steps mentioned above. But the most importantly is to take it all in and have fun while you’re doing it, It can get overwhelming with deadlines and but as long as you manage your time and plan you’ll kill it out there!

We all work super hard but we have so much fun while we are doing it. Music is always playing, which definitely gets me in the mood ;) We’re constantly snacking, laughing but most of all inspiring each other. We work hard but when you love your job and you have a hilarious bunch of peeps to work with – it’s all easy! Now I’m just bragging about my work, don’t be jelly! ;)