Mum, Momma, Mother, Mummy…whatever you call her, everyone knows a selfless and unconditionally loving mum. Mother’s Day gives us a dedicated day to celebrate mums and primary caregivers, shower them with love, affection, quality time and even a gift or two.

For brands, this time of year is a great time to show a sentimental side and appreciation for all that mums and caregivers do. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to create a winning Mother’s Day social media campaign and, for those of us who are late planners, we have some simple and effective ways to help you and your brand celebrate Mum.

As with any marketing campaign, it all starts with an idea. However, when working with a short lead time, social media is the perfect channel to set a campaign live quickly.  But don’t skip the planning stage.  This is key to success.

We like to break our planning into 3 key stages; tease, promote and celebrate.

1.) Tease

Our tease phase is the first stage in our funnel and typically used to drive awareness and reach. This also helps to bring our audience into the message behind the campaign. Teaser content can be communicated through video (storytelling), static imagery or through partnering with influencers. The goal of the content or partnership is to get your community interested, talking and potentially engaging with the brand. We recommend a reminder to your followers that Mother’s Day is coming and raising awareness around how your brand can help the celebrations! Given we have a tight turnaround this phase only needs a bit of activity as the majority of activation will come in our promote phase.

To recap:

  • Storytelling content (video or static)
  • Influencer content
  • 3-4 Day lifespan to get our followers ready for our promote phase

2.) Promote

Our promote stage is where we drive action, so the first question to ask is what action and result are we looking to drive with this campaign? Want to boost sales?  We recommend providing inspiration or promotional offers in the form of gift guides.  Capturing data? Try a giveaway or lead generation incentive. Or, if it’s purely engagement, then storytelling content is an extremely powerful tool.

The promote phase will be the core of the campaign and the metrics will align to the objective. We want to bring value to our followers’ feeds and add value to their Mother’s Day.

To recap:

  • Giveaways (simple data capture or wall giveaway)
  • Brand collaborations
  • Gift Guides
  • Promotional Offers
  • Storytelling content (video or static)
  • 4-7 Day lifespan *built around any shipping requirements

3.) Celebrate

This phase of the campaign exists as the final layer in our funnel to drive advocacy and continued loyalty by tapping into the emotion of the day and celebrating with your community. We recommend showcasing any fan or community content and joining in the conversation.

To recap:

  • UGC Content Storytelling content (video or static)
  • 1-3 Days lifespan (this can extend beyond Mother’s Day, but bonus points if we can celebrate on the day)

Mother’s Day is about celebrating, sharing and adding value authentically so if you are to take one thing away from this blog, it’s to find an authentic way to add value to your community and join the celebrations.

We will be celebrating the spirit of Mother’s Day and all the mums out there for everything they do. Here are some snaps celebrating the special mums and mum figures in our lives for inspiration.

  Artboard 3 300x300 - Create a Winning Mother’s Day Social Media CampaignArtboard 5 300x300 - Create a Winning Mother’s Day Social Media CampaignArtboard 1 300x300 - Create a Winning Mother’s Day Social Media Campaign

It’s not too late to create a social media campaign for this Mother’s Day, drop us a line at [email protected], we would love to chat or talk about how much we love our mums!

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Andrea is a bubbly and cheerful Account Executive, who’s always up for a challenge! She enjoys making memories with friends and family and always finds herself at the beach enjoying the sunshine.