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In our first year of working with TEDxSydney, we wanted to ensure that we were driving traffic & awareness online to ultimately achieve registration sales, have fans talk about our events and become loyal to the TEDxSydney brand; encouraging recommendations and ambassadorship. Through thought-provoking content, we facilitated two-way conversations and developed a tone of voice that was educational, added value, fun, social and 100% authentic to TEDxSydney. Who did we connect with? The changemakers, industry leaders and Sydney professionals who want to be apart of the TEDxSydney tribe where ideas are worth sharing.

Key Metrics

  • On event day with our live content creation, we saw an average engagement rate of 11% across all social channels.
  • We saw a 75% increase in Reach in just 6 months of working with TEDxSydney.
  • With consistent posting throughout the year to ensure we were connecting with our audience frequently, we saw an average daily reach of 12,678 fans.
  • Our relationship with the TEDxSydney audience grew to having more two-way conversations with over 1,100 new comments over the year

The Outcome

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