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For Rekorderlig Cider’s launch of their new Cider Cocktails, our objectives were to drive awareness and engage with 18-34 year old Australians, focusing on the core audience of Female 24-26.

We also wanted to use messaging that pushed the ‘Unexpected Twist’ of the product and a focused on the convenience of having premixed drinks to stimulate trial and drive purchase intent. One key piece of content posted initially organically, went viral achieving the below results.

Key Metrics

  • Campaign launch post reached over 7.25 million users of which 7.22 million were organic
  • Generated over 80,000 reactions, 100,000 comments & nearly 20,000 shares (398,616 engagements and 671,934 post clicks)
  • Over 6,000 new followers unpaid page growth from the launch
  • Media and PR outlets picked up the post, publishing articles and adding to the viral nature of the post amongst our target audience (including video created on Lad Bible featuring the post & launch)

The Outcome

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