1.Don’t panic

Get your finger off that deactivate button and take a swig off soothing tea, or vodka, depending on your Facebook history. You got this. Remember that she’s your mother and she’s basically biologically bound to love you so ah yeah, you’ll get through this.

Also, take comfort in the fact that posts can be hidden and Facebook etiquette can be taught- don’t worry, she’ll be DMing instead of sharing in no time!

giphy - 5 essential survival tips for when your mum joins Facebook.

2. Hit Accept

In the words of Nike- just do it!

3. Mum-proof your profile

While you might have a mum-daughter relationship to rival the Gilmore Girls there are just some things your mum should never, ever see. Consider yourself warned; that innocent snap of you and an old friend of the opposite sex , yep, that just turned into a 2 hour phone call about when you’re getting married, his medical history and if you’re being ‘safe’. As for using insults to refer to your best friend from primary school, she’s already on the phone to her mum coming up with ways to ‘patch things up’.

If you want to play it safe you can block her from all your updates by going to your privacy settings and changing ‘who can see me stuff’ to ‘friends except…’ and putting in her name. That way, the only awkward questions you’ll get are when your cousin Karen mentions at the family BBQ how hot you looked in your post from Saturday night. Seriously Karen.

giphy - 5 essential survival tips for when your mum joins Facebook.

4. Teach her the essentials

While your mum wasn’t born yesterday, her Facebook profile was. We highly recommend teaching her the essentials like, immediately. Private messaging, the difference between the search and status bar, the fact that a post update won’t change her privacy settings or help a homeless man and most importantly that tagging old photos of you, adding your boss and commenting something that could be a message is completely off-limits.

The sooner you teach her the essentials, the less damage her initial Facebook rampage will have on your social life.

5. Learn that it’s not all bad

A guaranteed like on every post, the occasional funny video you’d forgotten about from 2011, minimal effort to keep her updated… ok we admit, accepting your mum on Facebook has some perks.

giphy - 5 essential survival tips for when your mum joins Facebook.

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