Facebook knows a thing or two about its 1.94 billion monthly active users, and by that we mean a lot (it’s like it can feel our pizza cravings on Friday night). With all that knowledge there’s a lot you can do to ensure you’re hitting your most valuable customers, here’s what you need to know.

1. Audiences have Layers

Just like the people you want to target, your audiences should be complex. Layering audiences means that your ads will only reach your most valuable customers (hello engagement). Say you’re selling doughnuts for example, targeting doughnuts as an interest is far too broad (there’s nobody in the world who isn’t interested in doughnuts). Instead, this dream doughnut company should use layering techniques to narrow the audience to those who love doughnuts, the special-release flavour being promoted and the postcode of the locations where the special release doughnut flavour is being sold (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). When you get this creepy targeted, you hit people who are likely to purchase, with a message of something they want to purchase, while they are walking the place where they make the purchase – digital/real world multi screening. Unrelated, if you’re a doughnut company in need of social, pls enquire.

You can layer like a (gluten free) cake. Uni student? Recently engaged? Use to your advantage to create custom audience segments that are pre-saved so you can reference easily when targeting your content.

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2. Don’t just include – exclude

Pull out those ‘you can’t sit with us’ vibes and focus your attention on who you don’t want to reach, not just those you do. Zero wastage with your valuable advertising mulla by cutting out those who aren’t going to be interested in your brand by excluding them from your audience. Selling Ferraris for example (hard gig, but someone’s got to…) Retarget people who have visited the website and exclude those who have already made a Ferrari purchase in the last 180 days (no one buys two Ferraris in six months… right?) If you know someone … pls enquire. 

giphy - The 4 Facebook Targeting Techniques You’re Probably Not Using

3. Tailor content

If you think every piece of content is going to speak to every one of your fans, think again. Who your content is reaching is just as important as the content quality itself. If an ad speaks to a niche within your broader target market, utilise it! Having your brand message and audience in sync from post to post will make your fans feel like you are speaking JUST TO THEM. Go on try it.

4. Funnel your audience

Oh funnels. If you’re not using a funnel system on your Facebook ads, open your ads manager right this second. A strong funnel system will help you narrow your audience down to the most valuable customer & test and measure success by who your brand naturally resonates with. Start by creating a broad, interest-based audience and then use filters to funnel it down to those closest to your brand.

Work it:

  1. Create an ad set with the objective of link clicks and build up your website traffic.
  2. Retarget that website traffic with a custom audience including anyone who has visited the site in the last 30 days.
  3. Hit those who have added to cart (but not completed their purchase) with ads that encourage them to complete that purchase.

Gauge the results and then try a different path/alternate targeting.

Not feeling like an expert yet? Don’t worry, that’s why we exist.

giphy - The 4 Facebook Targeting Techniques You’re Probably Not Using


LAblogFB - The 4 Facebook Targeting Techniques You’re Probably Not Using

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